Tarmac Drives

Professional Tarmacadam Services in London and Surrounding Areas

Atlas Drives and Patios Ltd is also a tarmacadam service provider. We serve regions like West London, Surrey, and Berkshire.

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Our services cover the following areas :

  • Driveways
  • Private and industrial roads surfacing
  • car parks and business forecourts

Numerous benefits are associated with the use of tarmac driveways.From cost-effectiveness to less construction time, tarmac driveways are exceedingly great. This form of the driveway is highly recommended for business or homes with a limited budget. Other benefits of using tarmac drive ways include :

  • Sustainability – It’s sustainable. Unlike the paving stones which crack and sinks easily , tarmac can use used for quite a long period of time without cracking and sinking. Issues can only arise when there are potholes which can only exist after many years of usage.
  • Water resistance – It ability to resist water accumulation distinguish it from another type of driveways
  • Skid resistance – Tarmac driveways are also efficient during harsh weather conditions.Car tires can still have their grips during this period.

Tarmac driveway is undoubtedly a multi-functional form of the driveway.
Hiring us is a cost-effective way to achieve durable and quality driveway in your home or place of work. A 10 –years guaranty policy on sinking or subsidence is certain when you choose to use our services.  Feel Free to contact us today.

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Tarmac driveways are an affordable alternative to block paving and resin driveways