Gravel Driveways

Gravel Driveway Contractors in London and Surrounding Areas

Gravel is a popular and durable material used in building several homes – stately homes, country cottages etc. Atlas Drives and Patios Ltd offers three major classes of gravel surface that is much relevant in improving the appearance of a home and lifestyle.

The gravel driveways from us are cost effective and most useful. They are good alternatives to block paving and can also be used in large areas. Gravel surfacing is excellent for security purposes – strangers or thieves can easily be discovered with the noise it produces while walking or driving on it.
Our company adopts advanced products and construction methods for executing gravel surfacing tasks in most homes. When you consult us, our driveway specialist will educate you on the benefits of using various gravels and recommends the most suitable one for your home.

During the installations of a gravel driveway, we utilize the best and most unique cellular gravel system of around 20mm depth. This system prevents gravel movement and also reinforce your driveways stability – permitting vehicular traffic, including 4 x 4 vehicles, caravans, tractors, horse boxes and site maintenance equipment. One of the major advantages of a gravel driveway is that when they are installed with a permeable sub-base (such as MOT Type 3), the driveway is completely permeable, therefore conforming to SUDS regulations.

In most cases, we build gravel driveway on an MOT Type 3 sub-base which further helps to improve your driveways drainage and resolve any existing drainage issues.

Our in-house professionals are skillful enough to produce your most desired design.Thier skills have helped us to record a lot of success in this field. This assisted us in avoiding outsourcing; you hire us and we execute the required task.With us, excellent service delivery is guaranteed.

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Gravel Driveways are cheap, easy to lay, low maintenance and they look good.