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Atlas Drives and Patios Ltd delivers a broad range of paving, driveways and patio services throughout Harrow, Watford, Slough as well as other areas. We pride ourselves on the quality of services we offer to all clients; our jobs are unique and are made of quality materials.

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At Atlas Drives and Patios Ltd, we believe in homes with an attractive exterior look.Such appearance can be achieved through the construction of a modern and attractive driveway. Having a driveway won’t only complement your property, it will as well increase the overall value of your home.

You can transform the exterior part of your home through several options. Block paving is one of the best solutions for those who need a hard-wearing driveway, path or patio with low maintenance rate.We deliver durable and long-lasting paving work to all clients.

A driveway accommodates the weight of several vehicles.It’s therefore important to construct it with quality materials. Engaging an experienced company like ours is cost-effective means to create an awesome design and construct a durable driveway.

Hiring us is a cost-effective way to achieve durable and quality driveway in your home or place of work. A 10 –years guaranty policy on sinking or subsidence is certain when you choose to use our services.
For consultation or guidance of best way to provide the exterior area of your home , feel free to contact us today.

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