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We Provide High-Quality Bricklaying Services Throughout London

Atlas Drives and Patios Ltd is an experienced company in providing quality bricklaying services to London residents.

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Our experts are creative enough to produce various forms of decorative brickworks that can improve the appearance of your garden. With such set of an innovative team of professionals, we can handle any of the following services successfully :

Retaining Walls
We help client construct Retaining walls. These walls are useful in retaining the earth within a garden. Putting the wall size and the mass of the area to be retained into special consideration, adequate concrete reinforcement helps to withstand the forces placed on the wall. Retaining walls are also relevant in sloping gardens; regions, where earth can be excavated and retaining walls, can be constructed to create levels. We also adopt this service for retaining paved areas such as patios.

Decorative Garden Walls
We are an innovative set of individuals who are capable of constructing different wall styles that help to complement your desired driveway styles and gates installation. We create attractive garden walls that suit clients tastes.

Boundary Walls
Boundary walls can help to gain privacy and claim ownership of a property. Instead of using timber fencing, brick walls are recommended because of its increased strength and stability. Constructing such type of wall is a perfect way to minimize cost and achieve greater outputs.

Raised Flower Beds
Raised brickwork flower beds are good in generating attractive appearance within a garden. The design possibilities are limitless and if used they are used effectively, an attractive garden can be created. Our design team is ready to collaborate with you and craft ideas that produce necessary elements within your garden.

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Atlas Ltd provide high quality bricklaying services to the London area