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For over 15 years now, our specialists have been able to lay lush, green, healthy and hardwearing garden lawns in various parts of London. We are confident in our ability to deliver quality garden lawn services to you within the shortest timeframe

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At Belvedere Drives Ltd, we offer the following Lawn Care and Turfing Services:

Lawn Preparation and Turfing
To properly prepare your topsoil for turfing, it will be necessary for us to cut and remove your old lawn. This activity will be in three phases namely:

  • Rotating
  • Levelling
  • Application of turf fertilizer

In a situation where the topsoil quality is poor, our team will replace the topsoil with new and quality one to achieve greater results and better finishing.
After the completion of the lawn preparation activity, the right turf will be laid.You will also be advised on the annual maintenance of your new garden lawn.

Turfing Supply and Lay
This service becomes active for the garden with already prepared topsoil. With this in place, turf will be supplied and laid on your behalf. All turfs will be sourced and laid according to your specification. Doing this will help to produce quality and durable turfs.

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